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We will save you the elaborate biography and summarize who we are the best we can in a few sentences. 

We come from very different backgrounds and are brothers in every sense of the word aside from DNA. Built on a foundation of brand building, social media, video content, and work ethic, we found massive success in real estate. 

We take the profession of real estate very seriously and love sharing our knowledge and passion with agents around the country.

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Who are

A Master Of Their Craft

A Legit Agent is one who desires to be the best at what they do. It's someone who wants to perfect every area of real estate to provide the best customer service experience possible.


Makes An Impact

A Legit Agent is one who recognizes the power of a strong personal brand. It's someone who wants to leave an impact on their market and their clients.


Grow, Scale & Lead

A Legit Agent is one who isn't satisfied with "good enough". It's someone who wants to take success to the next level and build a real business out of the "job" of real estate. It's someone who wants to build an empire for themselves and their family.

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What we do

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Brand Building

Brand Building

Personal branding is the future of real estate agent marketing. We help agents see the vision behind who they are and how to turn that into a brand.
Brand Building

Video Content

Video marketing is an essential part of this business. Find out how we built our entire business based off of video marketing.
Brand Building

Social Media

Social media gives you a direct and constant connection to your entire sphere, friends, and family. Find out how to utilize it properly to generate business and build real relationships.
Brand Building

Advanced Real Estate Training

You won't be learning how to fill out a contract here. We teach high level real estate techniques that convert people into buyers and show you how we win deals and beat multiple offers.
Brand Building

Systems & Processes

This is the foundation to any business. Once you start generating business, the only thing holding you back from the next level is your systems. We show you behind the scenes of our business and share all of our systems and processes with you.
Brand Building

Grow & Scale

Your business is all grown up! Time to grow a team and scale the business. You will learn how to choose the right people and more importantly, how to be a good leader to your team.
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Uncut, raw, punch you right in the face style of branding and business education. From two hosts, a Marine Corps/SOCOM perspective and a born entrepreneur who has created a name for themselves as real estate brokers and business.

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Wow, what an amazing team!

“Wow, what an amazing team! Moving from out of state, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and were worried about being able to make enough trips out to Colorado to find our home. One email to Mile High Property Brothers and we knew we were in good hands.”

Working with the Property Brothers was a great experience.

“Working with the Property Brothers was a great experience. We were relocating from Georgia, and Eli made sure we knew what to expect in the home buying process in Colorado. He set us up for success with reasonable expectations, search parameters and genuinely cared about our family needs.”

We loved working with Eli and the team.

“We absolutely loved working with Eli and the team. We were purchasing from out of state and they made this process easy and efficient. Highly recommend!”

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With our exclusive training, you'll be able to ditch:

  • Cold calling homeowners, pleading for a listing
  • Bugging your friends for referrals
  • Attending all the open houses during weekends
  • Getting burnt out by all your competitors
  • Spending a fortune on ads for poor quality leads!

Our strategies work for brand new agents, agents who want to do more but work less, or even for more established agents who are looking to level up their skills and gain more market share!

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